Win 5 to 7 hours/day! – The Super Power Side (SPS)

  • Learn Faster with the repetitive learning.
  • Write down a daily business plan (a todo list) every evening before finish your work for the next day
  • Your business MUST run on weekly schedule (applicable for small online business <= 30 people).
  • Write a Not to-do business (things you don’t do/will never accept/do).
  • Every Friday, review your not to-do list with your 7 previous daily to-do lists and see what you can move from the to-do list to your Not todo list. See what doesn’t give more than 80% of your results and delegate as much as you can tasks where you don’t give any real values or on repetitive tasks.
  • For 21 days, don’t watch TV, news, social apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …) and check only twice a day your email/Whatsapp. Also, disable ALL notifications of your phone. Say to your colleagues, friends, family that you won’t be available often on emails/texts for 3 weeks. Be committed for 100% during 21 days and evaluate the results after 21 days.
  • [FOR Programmers/Geeks] You can use uBot software to create your own bots that can delegate things/tasks or buy ready automatisation bots.
  • [MAC Users] Learn (there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube) and use β€œAutomator” software to automate as much as you can on your laptop (included by default wth your Macbook).
  • Use Pomodoro and do a β€œSprint Work” for 45 minutes, three times in the morning with your most important tasks (and do 15 minutes tea/coffee break (WITHOUT using your phone or social medias!)
  • Invest between 5% to 12% of your business income for delegation and productivity SaaS, services, apps that will save your time and make you even more productive and richer with more freedom as a long-term period.
  • Create a productivity plan (basically, just transform your TODO-list & NOT TODO list to be linked with your goals and objectives you want to reach in the future (baby-step by baby-step everyday).

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