Become an Expert in a month ⏰

Become an Expert in a month (and show off!)

In bonus, get a better salary guaranteed!

  • Learn Faster with the repetitive learning.
  • Use a wki offline app (the database is less than 4GO without images) to get Wikipedia without Internet, everywhere you are!
  • Use Pocket app and save everything about your topic, or whatever you need to know. All interesting articles, blog posts, etc. Read all of them later when you have more time (e.g. on the plane, train, underground, …).
  • Use Kindle books (read at least 3 books in your area).
  • Invest 3% (or even 10%) of your income to invest in evening classes, conferences, online video courses and trainings. Open a bank account where you automatically add your investment money every month.
  • Create system-notes (OneNote app is great for that) with all keywords of what you need to know and will make you different.
  • Every Friday, review all your system-note (for memorise them easier and appropriate them to your sauce) and see which ones you don’t need (anymore) or what notes are missing (things you releasing you don’t know (or not enough) and you should know.
  • Organize all your workflow and use pmodoro + work sprints to learn and build your portfolio faster and more efficiency.
  • Go giving a speech (Meetup, Webinar, conference, …) and be sure you will be filmed or ask someone (a friend/colleague, family) to film you/take pictures. Then, post it everywhere (on your blog, CV, Linkedin, Twitter, …).
  • If applicable in your field, subscribe to a club, association, get a certificate, … and display them on your blog, CV, Linkedin, …

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