Everything you do. Record it! πŸŽ₯

# 26 Everything you do. Record it

It has never been as important as ever to record yourself doing things on your laptop, doing sports, teaching something, eating a particular foodstuff in a different manner, etc.

Nowadays, you have to spread your knowledge and your work with others.

Even if you do something that sounds basic or not interesting at all. RECORD IT. Someday, it can always be useful!

To give you an example, one day I was eating a banana politely on my place with a fork and a knife as a dessert, and I suddenly released that a bunch of people out there may not know how to do so.

Although it isn’t difficult at all, people don’t know how to do things or just need a video support to make sure if they are correct or not. That’s why I record a video of myself opening a banana’s skin with my fork and knife and share it.

Sometimes, you have very basic things that everybody in your country knows how to do it, however, there are always people elsewhere in other countries where it isn’t a thing or a tradition.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to record a video of yourself doing/teaching it.